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Introducing EzFi – a comprehensive payment and financing solutions portfolio by OnePort

EzFi is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Hong Kong port community, offering a wide range of digital payment and finance solutions. OnePort and its financing partners leverage trusted data, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technologies to address challenges associated with traditional payment and financing methods. Conventional financial institutions often burden applicants with extensive information and document requirements, causing difficulties in meeting these criteria. With a strong emphasis on expediting the application review process, EzFi aims to minimize reliance on traditional documentation by utilizing trusted data, resulting in faster access to funds. Additionally, exciting new services are regularly introduced to enhance the EzFi portfolio, ensuring superior payment and financial solutions for the thriving Hong Kong port community. Empower your journey to secure payment and financing with EzFi today!

For cargo owners & forwarders

Early Bird Offer:

Exclusive 50% rebate for first 100 pre-registered customers

‘Pay Later Solution’

for ocean freight charges payment in eFreight Pay

Invoice financing


For trucking companies

Early Bird Offer:

Exclusive 50% rebate for first 100 pre-registered customers

eSPIN Cash

‘ready-for-you’ cash for daily operations

Revolving working capital

financing service

Through cooperation with financial and technological institutions, OnePort has established the EzFi solutions portfolio. This solutions portfolio utilizes data analytics as a reference basis, reducing the need for cumbersome document reviews for both the Hong Kong port community and OnePort customers. The EzFi solutions portfolio is arranged by OnePort Limited, with eCOM Asia Limited as the technology partner.

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Do not pay any intermediaries.