EzFi Service Terms (EN)

EzFi Service Terms

Upon registration as a user of EzFi service, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. You agree to authorize OnePort Limited (“OnePort”) to refer or provide to any lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) having a partnership arrangement with OnePort any personal information relating to you so that the relevant lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) may contact you directly for the purpose of completing the financing application/ payment arrangement procedure;
  2. You expressly agree and authorize OnePort to follow up on and to forward your financing application(s)/ payment arrangement request(s) to individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) on your behalf for referral purpose and to receive information on the progress of your application(s) from the individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s). You also authorize individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) to accept referral from OnePort and to contact you directly using the personal data stored on the EzFi platform and to release information on the progress of financing application(s)/ payment arrangement request(s) to OnePort;
  3. You agree that OnePort will provide your transactional data to any lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s). Your transactional data with OnePort refers to the records during the use of OnePort electronic services and the transactional activity data stored on the OnePort platforms. The above services include but are not limited to electronic Booking Confirmation Note (eBCN) service, electronic Terminal Receipt (eTR) service, electronic Release Order (eRO) service, Common Barge Platform (CBP), Port Security Charge (PSC) payment service, HKiPort eGate mobile app, and any other services that you may apply for in the future. You understand that transactional data is, or may contain, important confidential and proprietary business or personal information, and you understand the reason(s) and consequence(s) of providing the data to individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s). You also understand that OnePort and/or the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential losses or expenses incurred by us as a result of the release of the aforementioned data.
  4. You agree that OnePort reserves the right to provide late payment records to individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) if you do not pay OnePort fees on time.
  5. You acknowledge and understand that you are not required to pay any fee to OnePort and you have the right to refuse any offer made by the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) through OnePort;
  6. You acknowledge that upon your acceptance of loan or completion of any payment arrangement with any lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s), OnePort will receive a fee from the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s);
  7. You understand that any financing application/ payment arrangement is subject to the final approval of the individual lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s). The terms and conditions of the approved loan are set out separately in the loan agreement/ payment arrangement agreement between you and the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s);
  8. Under circumstances that your loan repayment/ payment arrangement is overdue for a period which stipulated in the loan agreement/ payment arrangement agreement between you and the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s), the lender(s)/bank(s)/finance institution(s) may notify the overdue to, and seek support from OnePort for recovery procedures. Such notification may impact your operability when using other OnePort’s services;
  9. OnePort’s Membership Terms, the Site Terms, and the Privacy Policy, which are published on OnePort Limited’s website www.OnePort.com, are in full force together with these Service Terms;

OnePort may from time to time expressly modify, add to or delete the whole or any part or parts of these Service Terms, and such modification, addition or deletion shall take effect from the first day of the calendar month following Notification to you of the change. Should you no longer wish to be bound by the amended Service Terms, you should notify us that you do not wish your registration of EzFi service to be continued.

(Last Update: 1 Mar 2024)